Coronavirus Information

In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we would like to share with you someinformation about our operations during the next few months. The health, safety and wellbeing of allof our clients and staff is of a paramount importance to us and as such we have taken strict measuresto ensure the Portman Stone is a sanitary area in that staff and clients can feel safe.

Opening Hours
Until otherwise updated our staff will be in the office from 09:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday and closedon Saturday to take phone calls and emails. This is of course subject to change so keep an eye on ouropening hours on google or give us a call.

The Showroom
Our showroom is now closed to the public. We will remain open for business however all jobs will becompleted with as little physical contact with customers as possible. This decision was not taken lightlybut we see no other way to protect our staff and follow the guidelines of the government during thisoutbreak. The only showroom visits permitted will be by appointment and on strict conditions andcertain circumstances.

Current Jobs and New Enquiries
Unless we are asked to shut down by the government we will endeavour to complete every job ascurrently scheduled. We will still take on new work however this will only be done via email and phone.With the possibility of further restrictions, critical jobs could and will be prioritised.

Home Visits
All of our staff will maintain the highest possible level of hygiene when visiting clients’ homes. Ourteam will be asked to wear protective gear such as masks and gloves to minimise any chance tocontracting the virus or spreading germs. They will disinfect and clean any surface they have workedaround once the job is complete, leaving your home in a perfect, germ free condition.

Minimising Contact
We will endeavour to do as much business via minimum contact as possible. Clients can use our onlinequotation system to receive an accurate price for their worktops via email (just be sure to include asmuch detail as possible in the initial enquiry). Furthermore, upon request we can deliver samples toyour door with no contact so you can continue any projects while following the government requestof social distancing.

All staff will be asked to self-isolate unless they are 100% confident that they are safe to work andhave not been exposed.

We will be following all government advice as and when it is released, meaning everything is subjectto change. Stay safe and follow the government advice and together we will overcome COVID-19.

Kind regards,The Portman Stone Team