Portman Stone Feature in House Magazine

Portman Stone Feature in House Magazine

A beautiful feature on Portman Stone, our team and our products grace the pages of House Magazine.

With over 100,000 readers, House Magazine is the biggest and best of its kind in Dorset. 

Portman Stone are delighted with the feature which you can read and see below:

Portman Stone

History in your home

At the young age of 20 years old entrepreneur ‘Steve Griffiths’ started his first venture, setting up what later became one of the largest joinery firm’s in the South of England. As the years have passed, Steve’s passion for stunning natural materials and stonemasonry came to the fore as he berthed and grew ‘Portman Stone’, one of the areas foremost stone specialists and experts in their field.  

Stone is a remarkable material. With the nature of its conception, some stone could even be as much as 280 million years old. Portman Stone specialises in quartz, quartzite and granite. These incredible igneous rocks are products of solidified magma formed between our Earth’s surfaces, often trapping incredible minerals in the process. This is what gives the stone such unique patterns and colours. 

Passion For Stone 

Formally a timber man, Steve has always had an appetite for beautiful design, but it was stone that won his heart; “There’s such a huge spectrum of colours and materials and it’s that variety that got me hooked”, says Steve. As our interview went on, it was clear that Steve had a fire in his stomach about this amazing product. He filled me with a sense of excitement; this is a man who clearly loves what he does for a living. 

Skilled Craftsmen 

We wondered through their workshop adjacent to their showroom. All of the staff were hard at work, molding, polishing and caring for the precious stone. Each with their eyes glued to the task at hand. The team keen to let me know that everyone here is employed, working only for Portman Stone, instilling confidence in customers and loyalty in the team. Watching worktops being made right there in front of you is a truly special experience and certainly makes you appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making these beautiful pieces. 

From The QM2 To Your Living Room

Portman Stone have worked on some seriously incredible projects, including recently working on the Queen Mary Two in Hamburg. The team was sent out to refurbish the stone inside the ship’s lobby and other guest areas, a special project for all involved. But despite the enormity of projects such as this, Portman Stone’s dedication and excitement, whether it’s a single vanity unit or a world famous ship, is exactly the same.  

The Origin

In our homes we long for authenticity and what could be more authentic than stone that has come from some of the most stunning parts of the world, as far back as the Paleozoic era. Take their supply of pearl stone for example that come from Norway, or the beautiful Gold’s from Brazil, The Cashmere range from India, with some as much as 280 million years old. Just think about it; your next kitchen worktop could mean the ownership of an incredibly rich history. 

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