We carefully place the slabs onto our Colban Granite Master Automatic Cutting Bridge Saw, the templates are lined up with a laser and the stone is step cut 10mm at a time, this reduces chipping – resulting in clean crisp cuts, which means your surfaces have aesthetically pleasing joints and edges.

The stone is then moved on to our Kolb Top Line processing machine. We place it face down and install GRP reinforcing bars into all sink and hob runs, we do this at no extra charge to ensure total stability is built in to the stone.

The underside of the stone is then collaborated, polished and turned again so the visible edges can be polished. Finally the cut outs for the sinks, hobs, taps, and any radius corners are completed to the specification detailed on the templates.

Some companies offer cheap cut on site mobile services, however we are not prepared to gamble with your money, change your house into a dust room, ruin your front garden or upset the neighbours. To guarantee perfection, stone needs to be fabricated under factory conditions, so we only use the fail-safe traditional template and installation system.

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